Advisory Services

AZ World’s team has over 25 years’ experience in the areas of linguistic and business advisory services, employee language evaluations, document language assessments, development and editing of documentation in Spanish and English.

Our team has developed documentation as well as edited /proof-read client-developed documentation including:

  • Translation project management process assessments
  • Corporate Style Guides for written communication
  • Policy and Procedure documentation and assessments
  • Business processes and control documentation and assessments
  • Project management process and control documentation assessments
  • Business cases
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With every translation service we make your goals our goals, and we do everything possible to ensure that your project goes above and beyond.


Our experience includes the following areas:

  • Conducting employee language evaluations
  • Conducting linguistic analyses and risk evaluations of documentation source content
  • Provided support to clients and linguists by creating instructions and clarifying source content to ensure consistency and proper interpretation of the material
  • Creating and maintaining Style Guides for written communication
  • Client and internal stakeholder liaison to discuss best practices and, where needed, developing mitigation efforts
  • Analyzing and leveraging client-provided content and materials to determine suitability and usability for new and future projects
  • Managing Q&As
  • Providing assistance regarding linguistic and cultural matters related to the English and Spanish languages


Client Request

Client requests a fee quote for translation services for their document(s).

Analyze Document

We examine the document and text to be translated against our expertise, and assess our team’s availability. We run an analysis using SDL Studio, our translation memory software, with the client’s translation memory to develop a fee estimate and timeline for the translation services.

Translate and Edit / Proof-read

When the client engages AZ World, we perform the translation services within the agreed upon timeline. We create or update the client’s translation memory. We communicate with the client throughout the process to address any questions the translator may have to ensure that we capture the client’s terminology and style preferences.


We deliver the translated document to the client. We update the client’s translation memory for any client feedback for identified or revised terminology and style preferences.