Have you ever known what you want to say, but cannot find a way to convey the words without changing the meaning behind them? Have you ever said something that would make perfect sense in your native language, however, you come to realize it doesn’t quite make sense in the language that you’re speaking?

It may seem as though there’s no possible way we could communicate this message without being misunderstood, so we go to technology to give us the right answer. We rely on machine translation tools to tell us the correct way to say things in order to get our message across, yet often, they don’t end up making sense either. These tools may be are unsuccessful in transmitting the intent and emotions behind a statement, and in the end, they strand us with a combination of words that will be misunderstood.

This fact doesn’t come as a surprise though. All languages flow in different manners, with expressions that are unique to each of them. How could we expect a machine to capture that essence and transfer it from one language to another?

That is something that only humans can do, as we possess the ability to connect with another person’s experience, to grasp the sentiments that their words carry and be able to pass them on to someone else. It is a challenging thing to do with different dialects in the same language, now imagine translating it into different languages.

That is what we do, that is the translator’s craft; to make words from another language, whether spoken or written, feel as though they were being expressed in their mother tongue.

Ana María is passionate about translation and communication and if you need something translated and require assistance, please contact info@a-zworld.ca or visit us at www.a-zworld.ca. AZ World works in over 140 language combinations.