Before I answer the question that I have posed in the headline for this blog, I want to share a few news headlines that I collected today from several online sources:

  • Sea Level Rise Could Displace Millions of People Within Two Generations
  • Rise in Global Sea Levels Could Have “Profound Consequences”
  • Poverty and Climate Change: The Perfect Storm
  • Flood Rescues are Underway in Oklahoma as Millions in US Face Severe Storms
  • It’s Only Jun and Washington is Already in a Drought

And the answer to the question I posed is YES! For many years the bread and butter of AZ World Translation was the translation of environmental and feasibility studies for the mining, oil and gas, and engineering companies around the world. Today, we have seen a shift in what we are being asked to translate. We are still serving the mining and engineering firms, but also we are seeing a completely different perspective emerge too: insurance companies who are changing or updating the language in their flood and wind insurance policies; immigrants who are leaving their homelands due to many issues ranging from famine, decreased safety and security, as well as political and economic instability, etc.

The headlines from newspapers are always in one way or another reflected in what we ended up translating.

Can you add something else? What has been your experience in this area?
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