It is an undeniable fact that technology has brought a change of pace in how communication works. From the way news is delivered to a simple “hello”, information reaches people with an incredible speed that people only dreamed of fifty years ago.

An innovative aspect that technology has brought to communication, and has become an essential part of many people’s lives, is social media. What social media has provided is a way of connecting with people within our area, our country, and even internationally, to share our thoughts, support causes we believe will better the world, and give notoriety to our work through the online medium and support the work of others.

All of these instances showcase just a little part of what technology has contributed to our society, but as it is often said, all good things have a bad side, and technology is no different. It is not news that because of the constant dependence of our phones that younger generations are having trouble socialising in face-to-face interactions or even feel uncomfortable engaging in a phone call, as opposed to texting. People have become victims of cyber-bullying, scams and fraudulent information targeted to disrupt the opinions of the general public and cause conflicts to erupt.

In the end, whether we choose to only see the bad side of technology or the good side is up to us, but let’s remember that life isn’t black and white and that there are an abundant number of grey areas where one can reach balance. In this case, balance would be to not close ourselves off to the benefits we know that technology has, but to indulge in them with moderation.