For the last 20 years, AZ World Translation has endeavoured to provide translations of the best quality possible. Every so often, I am asked if I believe that machine translation, or artificial intelligence, will make translators superfluous? My answer has been, and still is, not yet.

We translate safety and equipment manuals and procedures for several mining companies and safety equipment companies, as well as mining equipment software interfaces and manuals. When I see something translated so poorly, like the translation in the image above, it reinforces my belief that we are many years away from machine translation taking my job.

A chainsaw in Spanish is translated as “motosierra” but the translation above reads as “The chain looks at the sharpener”. In this case, the translation of the word “saw” as it is used above is the past tense of the verb “to see” – hence, “vio” in Spanish.

I wonder where was the understanding of the safety required when using a chainsaw, where was the quality control before the translation was approved to prevent the printing of this kind of non-sense. When people’s lives are at risk, would you not think that the manufacturer should use professional translators for something this important? And please understand, I know that we all make mistakes; but where someone’s life and/or safety is involved, we need to take our time and provide better quality translations.

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