Researching whether to expand into a new country? Effective translation is critical. One of your first steps will be collecting and analyzing information in that country. Your business can’t be successful if you don’t have accurate and complete information before making key decisions.

You will want to learn about the market, buyers, consumers, competitors and more. How do you do this? One way to gather information is through surveys, interviews and focus groups. A good translator is critical here. You are trying to reach people whose first language isn’t English, so you need to be sure you speak their language.

If you send out a survey, it will need to be in the local language. If you conduct a focus group or interview, you need to speak the participants’ language. Doing this well helps show people that they are important to your business. The first step is translation.

Communicating in the language of the people you are trying to reach will produce valuable insights about new markets. AZ World Translation would love to help. If you are ready to get started, contact us at