It’s great to have multilingual employees on your team if you operate your business in more than one language. They can help bridge the gap between team members who don’t speak the same language. They can build relationships with non-English speaking community members and stakeholders. They can even translate your communications — employee messages, external news, company reports, and so much more.

But should you ask them to do this?  At AZ World Translation, we have seen many companies try to manage their translation needs by asking a multilingual employee to handle them. While this may work at first, it can quickly become inefficient and ineffective. Unless you have hired someone to work as a full-time translator, translation will never be their top priority. It will often be done “off the side of the desk” or at the end of an already-busy workday.

Let your employees focus on the job you hired them to do. Don’t add translation to their workload if they weren’t hired to do it. Let a professional help. At AZ World, our translators can provide quick, accurate and effective translations for your business.

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