AZ World’s team has over 20 years’ interpretation experience, specializing in both on-site conference and off-site teleconference/web conference interpretation services.

We employ only the most qualified interpreters for each interpretation service, ensuring that each word is understood and taking into account the intricacies of each language.

AZ World’s interpreters are highly trained, with experience in the engineering, mining, construction, environmental, healthcare, legal, insurance, software and financial industry sectors.  You can rely on top-notch interpretation services and our linguists’ proven experience in the field to make your event productive and memorable.

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We make your goals our goals, and we do everything possible to ensure that your project goes above and beyond.

On-Site Conference Interpretation

We provide regular service in two types of on-site interpretation:

Consecutive interpretation: means that our interpreters will wait until the end of the speaker’s sentence to begin interpreting, best suited for a lecture-style presentation with minimal audience interaction.

Simultaneous interpretation: is ideal for situations such as conferences where there are many people speaking a variety of different languages.  It requires two or three of our interpreters to interpret while the speaker is speaking through a microphone and for delegates to listen in via headsets.

Off-site Teleconferencing / Web Conference Interpretation

For teleconferences/web conference, our interpreters utilize consecutive interpretation to ensure clear and concise interpretations of each speaker’s words.

Teleconferencing Interpretation: In situations where it is not vital for an interpreter to be present, we provide over the telephone interpretation services. Our interpreters conduct over the telephone interpretations as either consecutive or simultaneous interpretation based on a client’s needs, whether it be for meetings or conferences.

Web Conference Interpretation: Similar to teleconferencing, our interpreters interpret via the Internet to guarantee that everyone participating in the conference receives the information in their language promptly and efficiently, without missing any of vital points being presented.


Client Request

Client requests a fee quote for their document.

Analyze Document

We examine the document and text to be translated against our expertise, and assess our team’s availability. We run an analysis using SDL Studio, our translation memory software, with the client’s translation memory to develop a fee estimate and timeline for the translation.

Translate and Edit / Proof-read

When the client engages AZ World, we perform the translation within the agreed upon timeline. We create or update the client’s translation memory. We communicate with the client throughout the process to address any questions the translator may have to ensure that we capture the client’s terminology and style preferences.


We deliver the translated document to the client. We update the client’s translation memory for any client feedback for identified or revised terminology and style preferences.