Having English as the first language for your website, social media channels, advertising, and employee communications is a good start, but when trying to reach people whose first language isn’t English, you can’t stop there.

If you are expanding into a new market or a new country, you want to communicate clearly with new customers, employees and other stakeholders. To do that, you need to speak their language. This helps show people that they are important to your business.

When expanding into a new market or area, you may find yourself recruiting new employees or advertising in local publications, in print or online. If you are recruiting non-English speaking employees, you need to post your jobs in their language.

When you are advertising in a non-English website, newspaper, magazine or other publication, you need to use the local language. If you are making a presentation to the local community, you may need to conduct the presentation in both English and the local language. Again, the first step is translation.

Communicating in the language of the people you are trying to reach is critical. AZ World Translation would love to help. If you are ready to get started, contact us at info@a-zworld.ca.