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Do you know who can certify a translation?

In Canada, only a Certified Member in good standing with a provincial association of translators and interpreters, which are members of the national Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (“CITTIC”), in the specific language combination can certify a document as a “certified translation”. In my case, I am a Certified Translator (English to Spanish) and…

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A Translator Is An Artist

Did you know that not all translations or interpretations are created equal; some require the translator or interpreter to be extremely creative and crafty in order to capture the meaning of the phrase. I am talking about things like those listed below: Words with double-meanings that may be hard to understand; Metaphors, catchphrases or jargon;…

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We have frequently been asked to discuss bad translations and/or translation errors that we have seen over our years of practice; instead, today I thought that it would be better to discuss how to recognize a translation that is well done. A good translation is where the translator is invisible, imperceptible; A good translation sings,…