The Strengths of AZ World

As you might be aware, over 70% of AZ World clients are mining companies or mining industry service providers such as engineering, environmental and/or, mining software companies.  As commodity prices, particularly gold, silver and copper, have come down over the last several months to a year, we have seen our clients become more careful in the way they spend their money.

In the spirit of being cost effective, we provide the following thoughts based on our discussions with clients over the last few months. We encourage our clients and all users of translation service providers to consider these tips; and ask whether your language service provider offers you any of these items?

  • Creation of a Translation Memory for your company
    • A translation memory (TM) is a data base that grows and learns as it is fed by the translator which: allows you to never be charged at the new word rate again for segments that have already been translated; and improves the process of updating documents.
  • Translation Memory management
    • the use of a TM means that different translators can be used on a project and supports maintaining the same “voice and message” for your company.
  • Creation of glossaries and style guides for your company
  • Translations performed by a translator and edited/proof-read by a second set of eyes with experience in your industry
  • Localization and adaptation of your translation
    • a translation that might work well in Mexico but the use of the same word or phrase could either be wrong or could be an insult in South America; or
    • your target audience may read or speak in a lower register meaning that and the translation may need to be done in a very easy to understand manner.
  • Competitive and transparent rate structures
  • Fantastic quality control
    • there is a reason why we work with several of the largest mining companies in the world! Quality is a baseline expectation.
  • Excellent turn-around time for delivery of your translations projects
  • Ability to bring together teams of up to 50 translators and editors working on one single project

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