AZ World has nearly a decade of professional experience in interpreting, specializing in conference and over the phone interpretation. We employ only the most qualified interpreters for each interpretation service, ensuring that each word is understood and taking into account the intricacies of each language. Our interpreters are trained specialists in the engineering, mining, construction, environmental, healthcare, legal, insurance software and financial industries. You can rely on top-notch interpretation services and our proven experience in the linguistic field to make your event productive and memorable.

On-Site Interpretation

We provide regular service in two types of on-site interpretation:

  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation means one of our interpreters will wait until the end of the speaker’s sentence to begin interpreting.

Simultaneous interpretation is ideal for situations such as conferences where there are many people speaking a variety of different languages. It requires two or three of our interpreters to interpret while the speaker is speaking through a microphone and for delegates to listen in via headsets.

Types of Events We Interpret

AZ World’s interpreters work in a variety of events and venues in order to meet the needs of our clients and provide them with the guaranteed best possible interpretation services.

Events we interpret include:

  • Litigation procedures and court cases
  • Bi-lingual and multi-lingual conferences
  • Internal video and on-site conferences
  • Medical conventions
  • Phone interpretations for social workers and law enforcement officers

We have provided several clients with both simultaneous conference interpretation and over the phone interpretation; including but not limited to:

  • Down Syndrome Foundation
  • Goldcorp
  • APEC, Micro enterprise conference
  • Certified Languages International (Interpretation for over 200 clients in the United States, including hospitals, court, human services, police, law enforcement officers, lawyers, social workers, border patrols, 911 calls, etc.)

Teleconferencing Interpretation

For teleconferences, our interpreters utilize consecutive interpretation to ensure clear and concise interpretations of each speaker’s words.

Phone Interpretation

In situations where it is not vital for an interpreter to be present, we provide telephone interpretation services. Our interpreters conduct phone interpretations both consecutively and simultaneously based on a client’s needs, whether it be for meetings or conferences.

Web Conferencing Interpretation

Similar to teleconferencing, our interpreters interpret via the Internet to guarantee that everyone participating in the conference receives the information in their language promptly and efficiently, without missing any of vital points being presented.

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