Conflicts of Interest and Transperancy in the Translation Business.

Every day, when our clients send us a project they place their trust in our linguistics abilities and that we will be Blind, Deaf and Mute.

AZ World has been witness to many things that have changed the future of people and companies. Some times, we feel on our shoulders the weight of all this secrets, but we are well aware that we must always adhere to our policies of confidentiality, transparency and use of privilege information.

As president of AZ World, I try to always go one step ahead and discuss with our clients if we believe that it might exist a conflict of interest in a project, or disclose if we think that somehow we are connected with any of the parties. It is my firm believe that some times the existence of a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict is as important as the conflict itself. After all, “Caesar’s wife has to be above suspicious”.

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