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Three Tech Trends in Translation in 2015

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After adding 4 new languages to learn in 2014, the online language teacher will continue to grow in users and is expected to add Turkish soon.  While Duolingo’s original focus was providing crowdsourced translations of the internet, it has begun to instead focus on teaching languages to people in the developing world.  Duolingo will begin offering certification and tests in more and more languages in 2015.

“Real Time” Machine Translation

The merger of Optical Character Recognition and Speech Recognition with Machine Translation tools like Google or Bing translation software seems obvious in retrospect.  In 2015 these kinds of tools will become more prevalent with Skype beta testing its English to Spanish interpretation using Bing and an upcoming Google translation app to offer live text translation.

Translation demand will grow with the Internet

Despite technological improvements to machine translation and crowdsourced translations at Facebook, Twitter or through Duolingo, demand for professional translation services will also grow.  As the world shrinks and different regions trade with each other demand for translation services will increase.  Despite the fact that Chinese has surpassed English as the major language of internet content, English remains the dominant language of eCommerce.  For most businesses online to tap into different language markets they require solid, professional translation.