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A Link Between Language and CSR

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AZ World is busy translating a few Corporate Social Responsibility Reports.  We stumbled across this article that outlines an interesting link between language and corporate responsibility.

Another interesting note is that culture can be just as important as language in CSR.  We’ve discussed before the similar link in the translation industry.  Our best translators are not only bilingual but also bicultural.  Read more about that here.

Check out the Harvard Business Working Knowledge article here:


The Translation Order and Payment Process

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It is standard practice in the translation business, like in all industries, for Purchase Orders or Proposals to be created and approved before contract work commences.  It is also expected that once projects are approved, work done will be paid for.

At AZ World the process is as follows.  We receive the file to be translated and then we do an analysis of the file using that clients translation memory.  We then create a PO, or if it is our first project with this client, a Proposal.  Only once that PO has been formally approved do we begin to work on the file.  Once the file has been completed, it is delivered to the client along with a Net 30 invoice.

Our process protects us and our translators from miscommunication and other unforeseen circumstances.  AZ World follows the same process with our translators too, and we always pay our translators within an agreed upon timeline, even if the client has not yet paid their invoice.  It is not our translators’ problem if the client hasn’t paid yet, it is the agency’s problem.  Our translators do quality work and deserve to be treated right by this agency; so that’s what we do.

Other translation agencies do not conform to these best practices.  They have been known to not formally approve PO’s and often do not pay their translators until 6 months after work has been completed.  AZ World prides itself on paying translators promptly and maintaining good productive relationships with service providers and clients.

We are at PDAC 2014!

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More than 80% of the work we do at AZ World is mining related.  This includes feasibility studies, environmental studies, technical reports, mining software, mining equipment, mining contracts and web sites for mining companies or companies that service the mining industry. We think PDAC is the best place to talk to clients and find new ones.

AZ World has created a name in the industry as a translation company specialized in the mining industry and this is shown by the fact that currently Barrick, Goldcorp, Kinross and KGHM are among our over 70 mining clients.

Today I would like to share some of the questions that I was often asked as I walked the stands yesterday,

You are not an engineer, how do you know the terminology?

You’re right; I am not an engineer but I am a translator that has engineers, lawyers, geologist, and other specialists as editors, that has extensive terminological databases, that works with translators trained to work for the mining industry, and that uses the most advanced software available to translators today.

How long does it take you to translate a report?

Well, it depends on things such as the format, the terminology, the number of repetitions in the document, and if we have a database of terminology available for that subject.  A general rule of thumb is that a translator’s output is around 2000 words per day.

How much do you charge?

Before we provide a quote we like to see the document. A Word, Excel or Powerpoint document is always cheaper to translate than a PDF because a PDF requires more formatting prior to translating than a ready to edit Word document.  We are always happy to provide free quotes, available at

And remember there is a reason why we count over 70 mining companies as clients, if you are not one of them, send us a note and we will be happy to assist you.

Make sure to seek out Ana Maria Zuniga over the next few days!