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The Certified Translation Process

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AZ World often gets requests for certified translations of consular documents.  It’s important to understand that the translator is only one part of a larger process.  That process includes the consulate, a notary, the Law Society and the translator.  Today we are going to provide a guide so our clients better understand that process.

The process starts when the client goes to the consulate and gets the document that needs to be translated.  The client then must get the document notarized and submit the document to the local Law Society to certify that the notary is in good standing.  Only then should the document go to the translator for actual translation.

Translators are certified in language pairs, so be sure that the translator is both certified and certified in the needed language pair, e.g. English to Spanish.   Remember also to request a certified translation, different from just a translation done by a certified translator, so that the translator certifies the translation afterwards.

Once the translation has been completed, and the translator has certified the document, the client can take the translated document back to the consulate where they will accept the translator’s seal.

The key thing to remember here is that the translator is a small part of a larger process.  AZ World is happy to help guide clients, but does not manage the entire process.