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Two Interpreters Are the Minimum!

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One question AZ World often gets from new clients is why do I need to hire two interpreters?  It seems like it will just cost twice as much, and they might think they only need one.  But for long conferences, two simultaneous interpreters are absolutely necessary.   Interpretation is an incredibly intensive job and in order to remain fresh and accurate interpreters must take regular breaks.  Without these breaks interpretation quality quickly decreases and the interpreters can no longer guarantee industry standards of consistency and quality.

In addition to spelling each other out at regular breaks, the second interpreter, or booth partner, helps the interpreters with difficult words or confusing acronyms.  This second pair of ears will also further increase the accuracy and quality of the services provided.

Two interpreters is the industry standard for a reason, demanding only one for “cost concerns” is dangerous and may lead to false economies.

Prepare Your Interpreters!

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It is simple; you are delivering a crucial presentation to a group of potential investors.  You have practiced this presentation endlessly.  You know your stats and figures, your pauses and your jokes.  You know preparation is key and you leave nothing to chance.  You can’t be expected to just walk in with only a vague understanding of your topic and be expected to deliver a stunning presentation.  You know this and so you prepare.

But your interpreter?  They just need to know the language right?  Wrong.  The interpreter is also giving a presentation just like you.  Sure they don’t need to know it as well as you, but they need as much information as possible.  They need to know what’s coming up, where you’re headed and why.  You have the benefit of leading, the interpreter is always playing catch-up so a sense of the overarching plan can be a great asset.

It really is simple; you leave nothing to chance in your presentations, so expect the same of your interpreters.  Help them prepare, give them all your materials and update them on any changes.  Your presentation will become twice as effective.