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The 4 Things Clients Should Know About Translation

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An effective translation is a collaborative process.  It must involve the active participation of the client, the translator and the editor.  We are always pleased when a client is really engaged with the project and contributes to its success.  We’ve decided to come up with a few things that clients should be aware of when working with a translator.

  1. Our translators are very well qualified and educated.  All of them are native speakers of the target language and bicultural as well as bilingual.  They are trained in effective translation and know the international style and grammar rules of the target language.  Our linguist all possess a degree and usually have some sort of graduate education as well.  In other words, they are more than capable of creating an effective translation by themselves.
  2. No one knows the client’s audience better than the client.  The client’s participation will make the translation more tailored, which in turn will increase its effectiveness.  Client participation is what makes a translation exceptional.
  3. There is a difference between a mistake and a synonym.  Just because the client prefers a different word does not mean that the translator’s word is wrong.  It may not be the best word for this audience, and it is important that the client mentions that, but it is likely still correct.
  4. Our translators will follow the language rules set by international language institutes like the Académie française or the Real Academia Española.  The client can ask us to deviate from these rules, but unlike with synonyms, we will not recommend changes of that nature.  These rules are usually very important to make the translation seem professional and credible.

Good translation is defined by balance, whether it’s between fluency and ease in the target language with meaning intended by the source text, or between more tailored and more general language.  The client-translator relationship experiences the same challenges and navigating it requires patience on both sides.  AZ World specializes in finding this satisfying balance.