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Translation and Interpretation is a Growing Industry

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The Common Sense Advisory released their report on the state of the Translation and Localization industries.  You can read a brief extract of the report here.

The biggest thing to note is that the industry grew 17% in 2011.  For a comparison, the entire US economy grew at a peak rate of 3% in the last quarter of 2011.  This means that the translation industry is growing faster than most other industries in the United States.

This should be taken as a proof for all those who believe that the translation industry is suffering as a result of crowdsourcing or machine translation.  Which we’ve explained before, do not affect the translation business.

Read about those issues here and here.

Crowdsourcing Translations: Only Half the Picture

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We’ve talked before about crowdsourcing translations.  It’s really popular among social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Basically how it works is that the site sets up a page with a bunch of text segments that need to be translated and users sign up and translate them.  Other users can vote on or edit the translations.  The wisdom of the crowd then lets the best translations float to the top.  The users “work” for free, so on the surface it appears as though translation costs are significantly reduced.  But a study from the Common Sense Advisory indicates otherwise.

The research states that crowdsourcing your translation actually costs more than standard website translation, both in terms of money and time.  In fact these website usually have the crowdsourced translations edited by professionals. The real reason for crowdsourcing?  It creates a sense of ownership and thus brand loyalty for consumers.  Also the translations themselves are better localized, as they are in the manner that the consumers have shown they prefer.

It seems then that professional translation isn’t going anywhere, and the “wisdom of the crowd” still needs expert editing.

The report can be found here:

What Translating Your Website Will Do For You!

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A recent study shows that 50% of Fortune 500 companies have not translated their website.  This means that it is only available in English.  Not Spanish, not Chinese, not French, only English.  The dangers of limiting your company like this should be obvious, but yet this problem is so prevalent that it affects the most successful companies.  In light of this recent revelation, we decided to remind people of the important benefits of translating your webpage, and why you should have AZ World do it as soon as possible.

The Benefits

The most significant benefit of translating your website is obvious; a bigger audience and more visitors.  This is not only due to the fact that non-English speaking users will visit your site, but also because multi-lingual sites rank higher in search results.  While duplicated content on your site does not help search engine optimization, translated content doesn’t count as duplicated content and will.  This means that you will even get more English users as a result of the new translated pages.

A translated webpage can help you get more bilingual users to prefer your site.  Even if the user is completely fluent in English, if they’re mother tongue is, for example, Spanish, they will use the Spanish version.  A site in a user’s preferred language will become their preferred site.  It makes that user feel more at home, like you are accommodating their specific needs.  Creating that emotional connection can be the greatest draw to your site.

In addition to bringing in more users, multi-lingual websites also lend a site the appearance of a global audience.  In today’s business world this can be a huge selling feature, especially if you provide business services.  Your prospective clients want to know that your company is forward looking with a variety of different clients, and a multi-lingual site can give you that look.

Machine or Human Translation?

There are a lot of services out there like Google Translate or Yahoo’s Babel Fish that offer website translation for free.  And those translations are worth exactly what you pay for them.  Get human translators with experience working with websites to do your site and the payoff can be great.  Consider also consulting a SEO specialist who knows about key search terms in other languages.  Say you have a site which sells handmade tables and you want it translated into French.  An SEO specialist can tell you what French word for table your competition uses and then you can specify which word you would like the translator to use.  This combination will make your translation as effective as possible.

Ironically, the AZ World website is not yet translated; we’re hoping to get that done this September.  Nonetheless, we still have plenty of experience translating websites and can help you take your site global.

Quality Assurance at AZ World

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Here at AZ World, we are often asked how we know when a translation is done well.  How can we tell when our Portuguese or Italian translators completed the work properly, when we are not native speakers of those languages?  The answer to this question is long, but straightforward.

First of all, AZ World tends to only employ translators with references from translators we already know to be good.  We are inundated with resumes and CV’s from translators and translation companies every day, but without a good reference, we tend to avoid them.

Second, all of our translators work in their native languages; this means that only people raised in Italian will translate into or from Italian for AZ World.  This leads to a better translation as native speakers will pick up on nuances and idioms that non-native translators will miss.

Third, all of our translations are proofread and edited by another native translator.  This second set of eyes will root out any awkward phrasing or missed punctuations that the primary translator missed, leaving a well-polished translation.

These three measures are what keep AZ World’s translations polished and true, and what keeps our clients coming back.

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