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Supreme Court Takes AZ World’s Advice?

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Last month we talked about the difference between translation and interpretation.  The topic had come to light due to a Supreme Court hearing regarding whether or not court related interpretation costs which must be covered by losing parties in the US could include translation costs.  Because the law stated that losing parties must cover “interpretation costs” and because “interpretation” was not defined, the Supreme Court had to define it.  And they did so the same way AZ World defines the terms.

While an argument can be made that translation costs ought to be covered as well, certainly we in the translation industry would be in favour of such a law (it would definitely increase the quantity of services demanded), you can’t say that translation and interpretation are the same thing.  And the Supreme Court agrees, citing examples such as the translation, not interpretation, of classic texts like the Iliad and Aeneid.

You can read the original post on this matter here:

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What Rare Languages Can Tell You About The Need For Translation

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Gadling recently did a post about 8 languages you’ve probably never heard of.  I, a language industry professional, can say I had only heard of two of them.  As the article states, there are over 7000 languages on this world, and each one has its own set of speakers, even if that is only a set of one.  7000 languages, 7000 world views, 7000 ways of communicating your message to 7000 different audiences.  And you only want your message to be in English?

People want to be talked to on their own terms; that means their language.  Even if you’ve never heard of that language.

Who does AZ World Compete With?

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When attending trade expos and networking events, it is surprising how often we at AZ World get asked about Google Translate.  It comes up when we mention the translation software we use, or translation memories.  But it mostly comes up in the context of whether or not we use it, and whether or not it is eating away at our business.  The simple answer to those questions is no.  No, we never use Google Translate and no, Google Translate is not our main competitor.  AZ World is a high quality translation agency, so our main competitors are low quality translation agencies.

Businesses on the most part know that Google Translate is unacceptable for their needs.  But they don’t always know that some human translation can be just as bad.  Nowadays because of the internet it’s easy to outsource your translation needs.  Many websites offer quick human translation at very low rates.  But these translations are worth what you pay for them, little.  In fact, they often need to be fixed, and AZ World has, on more than one occasion had to repair such translations.

Google Translate isn’t a threat; cheap overseas translations are, for a while, until people learn that quality costs more, and is worth it.

Interpreter Cuts Lead to Mistrial in England

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The Lawyer is reporting on another mistrial in the UK that will reportedly cost £25,000, all due to errors in interpreting.  As we have mentioned numerous times here, the UK government has slashed spending for courtroom and police translators and interpreters and given a contract to Applied Language Solutions, a private agency.  Since then, many of the previous interpreters and translators have refused to work for the drastically lower wages ALS offers.  We warned of the possibility of miscarriages of justice and false economies, and it seems that they are both being realised.


This particular case involves an ALS interpreter misinterpreting a Romanian speaking witness as saying “bitten” when they in fact said “beaten.”  The mistake came to light after the defendant asked for evidence of any bite marks.  The interpreter then immediately admitted to the mistake, even saying that they knew of it at the time, but did not correct themselves.


The trial was suspended and the jury sent home.  It will cost at least £25,000 for the retrial, not to mention the emotional toll of assaulted defendants having to relive their abuses a third time in the witness box.


We’re getting tired of writing about these issues, but it is, as always, an important and consequential matter.


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May 1, 2012

Vancouver, BC – AZ World President Ana María Zúniga announced today that Eva Quintana will start working full time at AZ World.  EQ has worked as a contractor off and on for a few months now and President Ana María Zúniga has decided to bring her on full time to help out with the busy summer months.

EQ will bring her expertise in publishing and literary translation to the AZ World team.  EQ holds two masters degrees one in Literature from CIDHEM in Morelos, Mexico and one in Publishing from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.  Currently EQ is working on a third degree, also from Simon Fraser University.

EQ will join AZ World’s growing team of translators and interpreters.  AZ World currently employs over a database of over 2000 translators and interpreters all of which have been personally approved by AZ World President Ana María Zúniga.  This huge team of quality translators enables AZ World to offer professional language services in over 50 language combinations.

AZ World Translation and Interpretation Inc. is a full-service translation and interpretation agency and is largely recognized for helping businesses across the Americas to overcome cultural, linguistic and economic barriers at an international level. Services include translating documents and websites, transcribing to audio and video, as well as interpreting in person, on the phone, and via web conferencing.



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